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Conditions and facts for taking part in the tour

Who can take part?
Everyone! Singles, couples, families and groups of people

Where will the tour tkae place?
The tour will take place in Mecklenburg-Vorpommern, Brandenburg, district of Barnim and Uckermark crossing the german-polish border, pass Stettin and lead to the polish coast of the baltic sea.

What will the tour look like?
After registering and ordering the booklet of participation (the participation booklet goes with the coupons) you will have to pay the registration fee (10 Euro). Then - on vacation or on a free weekend, you will do the tour and pay avisit to the suggested points of interest, collecting points, answering questions and taking photos. You can profit from the coupons when taking part in the rally, the coupons are only valid when taking part in the tour.

When will the tour take places?
You can drive the tour on your own between March 1st and October 15th.
You have to hand in your participation card with your documents till November 1st.
The farewell event will take place in Stettin on November 25th.

Who will help, in case I have questions or problems?
 You can put your questions to the people in the places mentioned in the booklet of participation. There is a central infoline: 0049-1802-336677

What can I win?
All participants will receive a commemorative medal.

We will give away all other prizes (Dinner for two, wellness-weekends, short holidays...) on the farewell event on November 17th 2006.

The three best teams/participants will receive special prices. The biggest team (number of participants) will also receive a special prize.

Where do we celebrate the results of our tour?
We will organize a festive german-polish farewell event on Saturday November 25th . We invite all the participants from Germany and Poland to take part in this. The event will take place in Radisson SAS in Stettin/Poland.

How will we go on?
Of course we will go on organizing a rally in the next year, probably including Southern Sweden. And of course with new tasks!

You can registration for zhis year´s tour here: Registration

We wish you great fun and very interesting tour 2006
The organizing committee


Bildpunkte 2006 und 2005

Bilder zur Abschlussveranstaltung

Stadtführung Schiffbauergasse Potsdam am 2.11.07

Pressemitteilung Nov 20007

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