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Mecklenburg-Vorpommern/Brandenburg und Westpommern (Poland)
(Euroregion POMERANIA)


Discover new ground - foreign parts turn into friends


Europa Zentrum Brandenburg Berlin
des Regionalen Fördervereins e.V.
Technologie- und Gemeindezentrum 8b
16278 Pinnow

This project is carried out in cooperation with the Europe center Brandenburg-Berlin with the regional Förderverein e.V. in the context of USUS-Network. It is supported by the European Commission with claims on the Prince program

Descprition of the tour:

We invite you to explore the history and culture of the German-Polish borderland “Pomerania”. Following the track, you will experience unforgettable landscapes, that are unique in Europe: seaside, beaches, national parks and beautiful lakes will be presented to you as a participant in the booklet we prepared, offering to you at the same time useful information on sights, places to stay and other useful information .

Our tour starts at Schwedt/Oder close to the German-Polish border and the national resort “Unteres Odertal”.

We want you to drive through the border area to see and experience the sights that we have chosen for you in the participant’s booklet. The sights and places of interest are on the German side of the border (Mecklenburg-Vorpommern and Uckermark) as well as on the Polish side (Western Pomerania) . Your task will be to find these sights of interests and answer some questions, which will at the same time allow you to dive into the history of the region. Fulfilling the tasks, you will collect points, and those of you who collects the most will win and will be proud of an enriching “European Experience”.

Furthermore our “Photo-Quest and Quiz-Tour” will serve as an attractive guide for tourists, when exploring the region. While exploring the region, you will be able to collect new experiences, get acquainted with the local history, passing borders that no longer divide people – a truly European experience!

Those, who would like to take part, has to order the booklet of participation for 10 Euro. In the booklet you will find 12 selected sights and photos of special places, that you will have to find using the hints given in the booklet. When having found the place, you will have to answer the questions to collect points. The documentation of your visit through photos and stamps together with the right answers to the questions will increase your chances of winning.

You will be awarded with a commemorative medal and other prizes that will remind you of a great time that you spent in the Pomeranian region.

Even though driving by car may be quickest, going by bicycle or hiking and using public transport is probably a lot more fun. That is why people not going by car all the way will be especially awarded by us (remember to save your tickets when using public transport!)

In the booklet you will find addresses, important phone numbers in case of emergency and other important facts.

We invite you to an interesting trip through the past, present and future of Pomerania!

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